About Us

UU Holding is a for profit state-owned company commercialising research results from Uppsala University. Scroll down and read about our business and our partners, our board, staff, and corporate governance.

About UU Holding

UU Holding is the University's holding company. It is is owned by the Swedish State and controlled by Uppsala University. Its board of directors is appointed by the University Vice-Chancellor. Through UU Holding the University can license out new technology and establish new research-based companies. UU Holding re-invests its returns in new ventures and is not state-funded.

UU Holding invests time and money in projects and businesses run by one or several persons: reserchers and students at Uppsala University. These persons should have the ambition to make knowledge emanating from their research useful and available to society in the form of products or services. Count on hard work to accomplish the goals we establish together. Our investment and work is a “starting motor” in a development process that calls for engaging different gears before we can reach the market. The development should be possible to handle in stages, with the aid of other investors in the venture capital market or industry, or directly together with customers.

Through UU Holding the university can contribute to the outlicensing of new technology and to the establishment of new research-based businesses, see Research and development projects.

UU Holding works closely with UU Innovation, Uppsala University's internal unit for support of commercialization and collaborative research. At UU Innovation students, researchers, or other employees at Uppsala University can get help in the early stages of the commercialization process; i.e. evaluating-, protecting-, and validating business ideas. Through advicing on issues regarding business development and IP strategy, and with activity based financing, UU Innovation will help strengthening the basis for a future commercialization.

Together with Uppsala municipality, SLU Holding and STUNS, UU Holding owns the business incubator UIC, where both experienced and new entrepreneurs can get support in their business and company development. UIC is ranked amongst the top 10 best incubators in the world!

In UU Holding’s subsidiary UU Projekt AB we can run business development projects aimed at minimizing market and technology risks, at the same time as we develop the organization of a future company. UU Projekt AB can also help university researchers sell or license their inventions.

Uppsala universitet Research Intellectual Property AB (UU RIPAB) is a subsidiary of UU Holding devoted to handling IP in research collaborations like EIT and other big research consortiums where Uppsala University reseachers need to sign off IP ownership.