Key ratios and corporate governance

Uppsala universitet Holding AB is the university’s holding company. The company is owned by the Swedish Government and is managed by Uppsala University. The board directors are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.

Key ratios
2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
New Investments 2 5 4 4 5
Follow-up investments 18 21 24 20 25
Invested (MSEK) 3,8 4,6 4,4 4,7 4,2
Number of portfolio companies 47 50 48 47 45

UU Holding is audited by Grant Thornton, owned by the Swedish Government and managed by Uppsala University.

Articles of incorporation

The articles of incorporation for UUAB were established by the Swedish Government in 2012. The operations are aimed at owning, divesting and managing stock and shares in wholly or partly owned project and service companies.The purpose shall be to conduct research and development work aimed at commercialization of projects and knowledge developed in or emanating from the operations at Uppsala University.You can read the complete articles of incorporation here

Annual General Meeting 2019

Minutes from the company’s Annual General Meeting are available from here

Annual Report

Annual report 2018

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report.

Corporate governance report

The board of Uppsala Universitets Holding AB has adopted a Corporate Governance Report (swedish).