We are a seed investor taking lead and taking risk in early stages of ventures. Our portfolio contains companies with basis in LifeScience, Technology, and HumSoc.

About our investments

Uppsala University Holding Company has shares in approximately 50 companies, start-ups springing out of the research conducted at Uppsala University. We are a seed investor enabling commercialization of research results making it accessible to society. We do this in a business-like manner not financed by the government but from re-investing our returns.

Having us as a shareholder enables access to subsequent capital through our investor network containing private investors, so called business angels, traditional VC funds and industrial investors, i.e. corporate venture capital investors.

UU Holding can only back companies and projects with a clear connection to Uppsala University or other schools of higher education in Sweden. Also projects and companies run by students commercializing their findings from their thesis work, or other similar projects in their educational programs. 

Below you have links to our current portfolio of companies roughly divided into three categories all in which we are a minority shareholder with typically up to 15% ownership.